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Urban Renewal and Real Estate

SGLA Law Firm has long focused on urban renewal, real estate expropriation, state-owned land grant, marketization of collective-owned land, real estate development and research of government legal affairs. The team has substantial experience in advising on the matters in relation to expropriation and real estate development. SGLA Law Firm has served as perennial legal counsel to many municipal and district government agencies and state-owned enterprises, giving advice to the government authorities, and handled numerous litigation cases involving disputes over lease and transfer of, and declaration of title to, land and buildings.

The team is further committed to academic research, having authored many legal texts in relation to urban renewal and real estate, with a view of providing useful guidance to other practitioners.

Service Area

- Land banking and comprehensive development

- Construction, sale, operation and management of residential, commercial, hotel and other properties

- Real estate merger and acquisition

- Contentious and non-contentious matters in relation to real estate fund, trust, securitization and other new areas

- Legal counsel to the government and enterprises

- Special legal counsel to expropriation projects

- Major litigation cases involving urban renewal, expropriation, demolition and relocation

- Land title disputes

- Civil and commercial cases

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