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Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and Logistics is essential to the developments of the global market. SGLA Law Firm has very extensive experience in shipping and logistics, and our team has deep knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations and on the ground operations in China as well as other countries. We have maintained long and good relationships with many leading shipping and logistics firms and have a deep understanding of the transportation, logistics, aviation and maritime sectors. The team strives to help our clients navigate the regulatory landscape in the various jurisdictions and keep our clients updated of the latest legal development in order to mitigate potential risks. We strive to provide quality legal advice and customized solutions for our clients.

Service Area

- Aviation and shipping finance

Issuance of legal opinions and resolution of financing disputes in relation to aviation or shipping finance;

Dispute resolution in relation to mortgage and financial leasing of aircrafts and ships;

- Maritime: Contracts of carriage by sea, charterparties, building, repair, sale, financial leasing, operation and management of ships, marine insurance, ship collision, marine pollution and clean-up, marine salvage and rescue, etc.;

- Logistics: Contentious and non-contentious matters in relation to railroad transportation, multimodal transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing and other aspects of logistics; and

- Customs: Contentious and non-contentious matters in relation to relevant aspects of customs duties, customs declaration and clearance, bonded warehousing and logistics, and special customs supervision zones.