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Compliance and Regulatory

As China’s economy continues to grow, the major market players have been competing with each other in both proactive and passive ways along with the changing market wind. This places a higher demand on a good and stable market order. Following this, the PRC governmental regulators have been improving capabilities and performing more frequent and stricter enforcement on business activities of enterprises. In recent years, due to the increase of unstable and uncertain factors in international environment and the complex and severe economic conditions worldwide, governmental regulators and judicial authorities in the United States, Europe, Asia and other regions have imposed more comprehensive and accurate supervision and enforcement on various enterprises from various industries in their respective jurisdictions. In this context, to assist our clients to control risks efficiently, prevent disputes and protect interests, SGLA has established an experienced team to handle compliance and government regulatory matters, based on local advantages of offices, the firm’s service experience in other mastery areas, and the international resources of SGLA.

In China, we establish compliance system for the clients that meets domestic and international standards, defend the clients in front of the enforcement from various regulatory authorities, and assist the clients in internal investigation, compliance audit, employee training and other compliance affairs. We have profound and unique comprehension on corporate compliance, and rich experience in the liaison with market supervision and administration, finance, taxation, customs, courts, procuratorates, public security and other departments. We advise our clients with practical and constructive suggestions. All SGLA offices have been rooted deeply in local legal service market for decades. We are familiar with all kinds of local regulatory practices and we work with each other closely, which made us swift in helping the clients to confront various abrupt compliance crisis nationwide at any time. SGLA has a group of litigation lawyers who are well acquainted and proficient in courts trials. Our experience in litigation at the “back end” of the business allows us to assist clients to identify legal risks of “front-end” business more comprehensively and accurately, so to help the clients prevent such risks timely and effectively. In overseas, we handle complex cross-jurisdictional compliance issues for the clients and help enterprises to cope with various crisis events. We also cooperate with global firms, especially Hogan Lovells, tightly. Our exclusive and unique international resources enable us to escort the enterprises in the process of implementing the “One Belt, One Road” strategy.

Our SGLA lawyers specializing in finance, insurance, real estate, government legal affairs, criminal and many other boutique practice areas that are highly praised and trusted by our clients are actively creating compliance service products in niche industry fields. In the process of service, they will take various factors into consideration comprehensively, such as geographical characteristics, business scale, operation and demand, etc., and will always provide professional customized services for clients. Our services cover the industries of finance, insurance, medicine and health, high-tech, real estate, shipping and logistics, Internet, commodities, energy and chemical industry, etc.

Service Area

Strategic Planning and Management Plan in Corporate Compliance Management

Identification and Evaluation of Risk and Obligation of Corporate Compliance

Establishment of Corporate Compliance Management System and Procedures

Audit, Assessment, Training, Publicity and Cultural Construction in Corporate Compliance

Government Regulatory and Corporate Crisis Response and Investigation

Corporate Anti-corruption and Anti-fraud Response and Investigation

Supervision of State-owned Assets and Compliance of State-owned Enterprises

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Financial Compliance and Regulatory, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Import and Export Control and Compliance of Customs Affairs

Criminal Compliance

Publicly Listed Company Compliance Control, Information Disclosure Compliance

Human Resource Management Compliance

Compliance in Protection of Intellectual Property

Tax Compliance

Prevention of Unfair Competition and Anti-trust

Environmental Protection and Occupational Health

Daily Compliance Consultation and Other Compliance Affairs