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Led by the managing partner of SGLA Law Firm, our insurance team consists of a group of senior lawyers, many of whom sit on the Insurance Committee of the Shanghai Bar Association. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the industry, the different insurance products on the market as well as the working of insurance companies and has extensive experience in claims and recovery.

We have represented our clients in a large number of litigations and arbitrations over the years involving insurance and reinsurance claims and recovery. Our clients include most of the well-known national and international insurers and re-insurers, insurance intermediaries (including brokers, agents and adjustors) and as well as the insureds.

Service Area

- Insurance litigation and arbitration 

   In addition to the litigation/arbitration cases involving insurance claims and recovery, we also act for clients in other litigation/arbitration cases arising from insurance contracts.

- Insurance claims and recovery

  Advise on insurance claims and recovery matters;

  Draft and issue reminder letters and notices;

  Represent clients in negotiating and reaching settlements; and

  Represent clients in litigation/arbitration proceedings.

- Reinsurance legal services

  Advise on reinsurance business;

  Draft and review reinsurance contracts; and

  Advise on contentious and non-contentious matters in relation to reinsurance claims and recovery.

- Advise consumers on all aspects of insurance business

  Advise and issue legal opinions on the selection of insurance products; and

  Advise on making insurance claims, including drafting and issuing lawyer’s letters, representing consumers in negotiating and reaching  settlements, and representing consumers in litigation/arbitration proceedings.

- Legal services in relation to insurance products

  Provide legal analysis and compliance review on insurance products; and

  Formulate, review and translate insurance clauses, certificates and documentation.

- Day-to-day legal affairs of insurance companies and insurance intermediaries

  Draft, review and revise day-to-day contracts;

  Advise on labor and employment issues and related dispute resolution; and

  Provide legal and compliance advice and review on various insurance programs and processes.

- AIC registration, equity transfer, merger and acquisition and financing of insurance companies and insurance intermediaries

  Advise on the above matters and formulate, demonstrate and review implementation plans;

  Draft, review and revise legal documents in relation to the above matters, including without limitation various agreements and reports;

  Attend to all types of examination, approval and registration procedures for clients; and

  Provide resources integration and other value-added services upon clients’ requests.

- Provide insurance law training

  Provide insurance legal training for the staff of insurance companies;

  Provide training for and update the management personnel of insurance companies on the latest legislative and judicial developments in relation to insurance law; 

  Design and provide detailed legal guidance and training on specific topics upon clients’requests. 

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