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Culture, Entertainment and Sports

Entertainment shows the present, reflects the future, influences and changes the human mind and spirit. Contemporary entertainment industry is a comprehensive cluster of culture, sports and media industries. Vertical derivatives or horizontal associations between various products and services. The cultural, sports, and media industries have complex legal systems and unique business practices, requiring "inside lawyers" who are familiar with industry rules, proficient in business thinking, and proficient in legal skills.

The SGLA Law Firm has one of the few lawyer teams in China with experience in legal services in the whole industry chain in subdivided fields. In the field of legal services, the team covers movies, TV series, variety shows, performing arts, sports brokerage, advertising, MCN, self-media, short video, webcasting, video games, e-sports, sports events, sports fitness, literature publishing, animation, virtual idols, music, drama and other performances, room escape, LARP, live-action theme parks, museums, artworks, cultural and creative products, IP derivative development, sports and entertainment equipment R&D and manufacturing and other sub-products. The team also has compound experience in the fields of science and technology law and charity law, which are closely related to the aforementioned industries.

Service Area

Evaluation, negotiation, litigation and arbitration of industry-related commercial disputes and infringement disputes;

Transaction structure design and legal risk control of art/entertainment/sports/media companies;

Public opinion prevention and control, crisis public relations, and personality rights protection for artists/athletes/entrepreneurs/brand;

Investment and financing, auctions, major asset transfers, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and trade secret management of related projects;

Compliance feasibility analysis and research on cutting-edge legal issues for innovative products and services;

Film/TV/variety show production crew and legal affairs, emergency response to accidents;

Full-process services such as introduction, planning, financing, preparation, and management of sports events/performance projects;

Compliance and legal risk control for the establishment of charity foundations, the operation of charity organizations, and the operation of public welfare activities.

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