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Criminal and Compliance

The Criminal and Compliance team of SGLA Law Firm has extensive expertise in the area and is able to leverage on its abundant local resources to address legal issues faced by large multinational companies, financial institutions and other enterprises and institutions on criminal defense, criminal compliance, anti-corruption investigation, and the establishment of corporate compliance system. With years of experience of working with the police, procuratorates or courts in different cities, the lawyers of the team have a deep understanding of the judicial practice of people’s courts and procuratorates and the conduct of economic and criminal investigation.

The team conducts compliance investigation to identify potential risks, and provides advice to our clients on the prevention of risks associated with various transactions and operational activities. We fully leverage the strength of our localized professional team to deliver effective results to clients and protect their rights and interests.

Service Area

- Establish criminal risk control/compliance/anti-corruption system, and provide day-to-day legal advice;

- Assist clients in establishing and refining their internal compliance/risk control system;

- Conduct criminal risk control/compliance/anti-corruption due diligence or vetting on counterparties of clients, including the shareholders, actual controllers and senior management of such counterparties;

- Respond to criminal investigation, conduct criminal defense, and represent clients in interrelated criminal and civil cases;

- Assist clients with emergency response to criminal/compliance/anti-corruption investigation, formulate action plans, provide on-site support, and conduct public opinion monitoring and crisis management;

- Defend clients in criminal cases, including optimizing defense strategies, and applying for bail, not-to-prosecute decision or acquittal;

- Represent clients in interrelated criminal and civil cases, including assisting with the filing of a criminal case or initiation of criminal investigation based on the discovered clues of crime, and using evidence, investigation result or ruling of a criminal case to progress the related civil case in favor of our clients;

- Represent clients in civil proceedings incidental to, or civil/administrative proceedings related to, the criminal proceedings represented by us, and assist clients in conducting investigation, evidence collection and defense; and

- Assist clients in fully and effectively communicating with the case-handling authorities to strive for optimal outcomes in respect of criminal compulsory measures, compensation and reconciliation. 

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