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Science and technology are the primary productive forces, changing all aspects of social life. The science and technology law team closely follows the major strategic frontier science and technology fields and the application of high and new technologies in key industrial fields, and is committed to carbon trading and green finance, the metaverse system, new energy vehicles and autonomous driving, quantum computing and communications, aerospace engineering, AR/VR/MR technology, IoT, chips and artificial intelligence, high-end equipment manufacturing, industrial robots and other fields to provide professional legal services for scientific researchers and technological innovation enterprises.

Service Area

Full-chain legal services for network security, data compliance and personal information protection;

Legal services related to the introduction of scientific researchers and high-tech talents, competition restrictions, and ESOP;

Intellectual property protection, trade secret management and anti-infringement litigation of scientific research achievements;

Brokerage and legal affairs for the introduction of scientific and technological achievements and the technological transformation of scientific and technological achievements;

Algorithms and computing power, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology legal theory and practice research;

Compliant operation and legal risk control for specialized, refined, characteristic and innovative enterprises and other high-tech enterprises.

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