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Dispute Resolution

As a crucial part of SGLA Law Firm, the Dispute Resolution practice consists of a group of elite lawyers, who graduated from reputable law schools in or outside China and have diversified previous working experience with large corporations, judicial authorities, arbitration institutions and government agencies. Familiarity with the key logic and problem-solving techniques in various dispute resolution mechanisms, along with in-depth understanding of clients’ needs, allows us to develop a holistic vision and provide our clients with professional, high quality and efficient solutions.

Our dispute resolution team has extensive practical experience in advising state-owned enterprises, listed companies, private companies, government agencies and other types of Chinese and foreign clients on a wide range of litigation and arbitration cases, including contractual and debt, construction and real estate, commercial investment and financing, international trade, product liability, tort and personal injury, and marital, family and property disputes.

SGLA Law Firm has developed a service system covering the entire dispute resolution process. We not only advise our clients on dispute prevention, mediation, settlement and other alternative dispute resolution solutions, but also assist to obtain arbitration awards or judgments to the satisfaction of our clients in complex disputes, and have, on many occasions, successfully had judgments reversed in favor of our clients in the second instance or retrial proceedings. The success of the team is widely recognized among its peers.

Service Area

- Provide dispute prevention plans

- Provide legal advice and recommendations on disputed matters

- Provide mediation, settlement and other alternative dispute resolution solutions

- Assist clients in obtaining preservation measures and preliminary injunctions

- Represent clients in the first instance, second instance, retrial and enforcement proceedings of civil and commercial cases

- Represent clients in civil and commercial arbitration cases and the enforcement of arbitration awards

- Assist with bridging the gap between dispute claims and criminal, administrative or other proceedings

- Marital and family law matters

   Dispute resolution in relation to marriage, child support and property

   Dispute resolution in relation to wills, bequests and inheritance

   Draft and review marital property agreements, divorce agreements, child support agreements and other similar documents

   Draft and review wills, contractual custody agreements, elderly support agreements and other similar documents

   Advise on spousal relationship, property, child support, elderly support, and family wealth

   Assist with equity or asset transfer arising from divorce or inheritance

   Represent clients in cases involving division of family property

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